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Fractured Space Celebrates One Million Players, Hands Out Halloween Treats With Update

Edge Case Games’ spacefaring MOBA Fractured Space just released a new update, bringing with it a new ship, new solo and co-op game modes, and a new Halloween-inspired crew member that’s free to all players for a limited time. Update 1.5 coincides with an announcement from Edge Case Games that over one million players have signed up for Fractured Space, which officially launched last month.

The Zarek Centurion is a heavy support ship that provides a large shield to protects its allies from enemy fire and can “mark” a target for extra damage by it and its allies. The update also adds a simplified, single-lane map in its streamlined Frontline mode, which can be played solo or with a group.

Also, if you log in before Nov. 3, you’ll get the semi-undead crew member Ridley J. Fincher for free. There’s also a Halloween moon in Gamma Sector until the 3rd, though I don’t think it’ll be populated by aliens handing out candy. You can read Update 1.5’s full patch notes on the Fractured Space site.