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“We Had To Lay Off (Almost) Everyone” To Keep Gigantic Going: Our Interview With Motiga’s CEO

Gigantic has been through a lot. Motiga’s arena battler/hero shooter has gone through the wringer, at times looking like a breakout hit and at times looking like it’s ready to fold up shop before it even officially launches. There’s been good news and bad, and sometimes no news at all.

That’s why last month’s announcement that Motiga would be partnering with Perfect World Entertainment to publish the game came as a welcome relief to fans — and may have just saved the game, especially considering what we learned of a few months ago regarding its financial status.

And that financial status was just as bad as advertised, as we learned from Motiga CEO Chris Chung in an interview. Thankfully, things seem to be looking up, but they were pretty dire for a while. How bad were they, and what does the road ahead look like? Read on…

MMOBomb: First of all, gratz on the news! What was it that made you select Perfect World as your publishing partner?

Chris Chung: There are many reasons why Perfect World is the right partner for us. Perfect World understands what we are trying to do: make a great competitive game for a global audience available on as many platforms as possible. Their experience on both the PC and consoles, paired with their extensive global coverage fits the needs of Motiga, and Gigantic, perfectly.