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Preview: Adventure Quest 3D – Trust Me That’s NOT a Chicken

I do a lot of previews. So does Jason Winter. They usually follow the same format. Private previews mean we get on Skype with a team and they either stream their gameplay to us and we can ask questions or we actually have access to the game and walk around with the dev team while hearing the latest and greatest about a game’s upcoming content. More “public” press previews have a bunch of press from various sites in a private Twitch or YouTube stream and it’s a big group call. Either way they usually follow the same format: we’re shown something, we ask questions, we move on to something else, ask questions, then finish with a more generic Q&A. Some companies have very personable people driving the presentation, some may not. It’s nice to get acces to things early to tell you, our readers, about them, but you really never know if the presentation will be interesting or not headed into them.

When you talk about a game that you aren’t all that familiar with (such as my being not very familiar with Adventure Quest in any incarnation) then you REALLY don’t know what you’re walking into. I never really played AdventureQuest. Many of you have and may have for a long time as the Flash version has been around since 2002. Some of you probably migrated (or played both) when AdventureQuest Worlds dropped in 2008. Yeah, believe it or not I was never one of the literally MILLIONS that played these titles. I don’t have a good reason either. Perhaps I was wrapped up in other MMORPGs at the time and never really knew it existed.

On that note, I wasn’t even watching Adventure Quest 3D’s development at all until a lot of MMOBombers kept emailing me about the game and if we had any information. I really didn’t know what I was getting into when I stepped into my preview this week with the team at Artix Entertainment…and boy was this presentation a bit different…in a great way.