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What Game(s) Do You Wish Would Be Free-To-Play?

As bad as things have looked the past few months for free-to-play games, there’s still quite a bit out there to play — and more to look forward to.

Still, there could always be more, and the pain of losing something that was supposed to be free-to-play, or seemed like it might be, will always linger. Then there are a few venerable games, monoliths of pay-to-play, that seem like they would never topple… but stranger things have happened.

This poll asks you, the readers, to let us know which games you’d like to see as free-to-play. You can select as many as you like, or none at all by choosing the last option. We didn’t include games that have never had a whiff of free-to-play — The Division comes to mind — but if you really think that, or something like it, should be on the list, check Other and let us know in the comments.