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Izanami, The Queen Of The Underworld, Joins The Ranks Of HeroWarz

A new hero has made her way into KOG Games’ free-to-play action RPG HeroWarz. Izanami, the Loli Queen of the Underworld, is a master of the mystic art of illusion and destructive lightning magic. She’s an easy character for new players to pick up, although her control scheme is described by the developers as a bit “unorthodox” for an isometric action game.

Izanami features a variety of unique characteristics — like changing into a butterfly, blink-teleporting, and more. You can get a peek at all of that in the video above.

To celebrate the new Hero’s release, KOG Games is holding a special sweepstakes. Every player that plays her for 4 hours within the next two weeks will be automatically entered into a drawing for some cool prizes.

For full details and specs on the Queen of the Underworld, head on over to the HeroWarz site.