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Freshly Launched MMO Chaos Saga Shuts Down After 24 Hours, Likely Due To Massive Copyright Infringe

It’s not often a game shuts down less than 24 hours after it launches, but apparently it does happen. Just yesterday, Japanese streaming, video rental service, and game developer specializing in both adult and non-adult browser games — DMM — released its most recent MMORPG, Chaos Saga. Less than 24 hours later, the game was shut down.

While some might have been surprised by the sudden closure, it seems that others not only aren’t surprised but also think they have a pretty good idea as to why. Take a close look at some of those characters. Do they seem familiar?

If you’re like some people, you might think you’ve seen these guys somewhere before… Say… Final Fantasy XI? Gamers on sites like 2ch, and — of course — Twitter have been compiling comparison images and on the whole it looks pretty damning. You can see for yourself in this 2ch image scoped out by Kotaku.