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Crossout Adding New Competitive Game Mode “Clan Wars”

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment announced the addition of a new competitive mode to their post-apocalyptic MMO Crossout. The mode, titled Clan Wars, allows players to compete against one another for a position on the leaderboards — as well as Uranium, a resource used to craft relics. Uranium is a rare resource and needed to create a variety of items including the flamethrower.

Clan Wars pits two teams of four players in customized vehicles against each other in combat. Teams can compete in a variety of locations like the Factor, Powerplant, and Rock City. In addition to the Uranium, players also have the chance to earn additional precious metal by being in one of the top 30 best clans at the end of the week.

An important thing to note is that only one team in a clan may be active at a time, so you may want to be sure your best players are on it.

For more information on the new mode, be sure to check out the announcement on the game’s site.