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Guild Wars 2’s Next Story Chapter, A Crack In The Ice, Arrives Nov. 21, Along With New Fractal

ArenaNet is keeping Guild Wars 2 players on the move. The last update to the Living World took them to the volcanic plains of Ember Bay, but the next update, due next week, will send them into the chilly northern Shiverpeak Mountains, to the domain of the Elder Dragon Jormag.

“A Crack in the Ice” comes to GW2 on Monday, Nov. 21, extending the storyline that sees players dealing with not one, but two Elder Dragon threats. In addition to the story content, a new Nightmare fractal revisits the Tower of Nightmares from three years ago, challenging players to ascend a tower “heavily guarded by powerful abominations and their toxic experiments.”

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is also 50% off until Nov. 22, allowing players to check out the new content at a reduced price. As always, simply logging in while the current chapter is active unlocks it for your account at no extra cost, so if you haven’t claimed the previous chapter of the Living World, you’ve got six days to do so.