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Solid Snake and FemShep voice actors cite reasons behind SAG-AFTRA strike

As Andy reported last month, videogame voice actors and motion capture artists recently went on strike following a contractual disagreement between major publishers and the performers' union SAG-AFTRA. David Hayter and Jennifer Hale—who you may recognise as Metal Gear Solid's original Solid Snake and FemShep from the Mass Effect series, among other roles—have now spoken out about some of the hardships which in part led to the strike action.

In conversation with CBC News, both Hale and Hayter recount unfortunate tales of actors damaging their vocal chords, which offer insights into why videogame voice actors are on strike. Hayter even suggests he was physically sick over a microphone due to consecutive "vomiting" recordings for one of his parts.

"It's the equivalent of a four-hour one-person show," says Hale. "So that's very demanding, especially when a lot of it is battle-oriented, and IT'S ALL SCREAMING AND YOU GO LIKE THIS! I've got a friend right now who's undergoing [vocal] surgery and will not be able to work for months."