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Skyrim player recreates Game of Thrones trailer using 260 mods

With its tales of treachery, giants and dragons, there are obvious parallels between HBO's Game of Thrones and The Elder Scrolls' fifth series instalment Skyrim. YouTube person UpIsNotJump has however taken this likeness one step further by recreating the television show's season one trailer in Skyrim's Special Edition frame-by-frame.

Using over 260 Skyrim mods to ensure "every Game of Thrones asset from the Season 1 trailer looks just right", UpIsNotJump's work is impressive—as is seeing the wall, the Iron Throne, and Little Finger and Ned Stark arguing about Daenerys and murder, among other things.   

"Skyrim has such a range of Game of Thrones esque locations, outfits, hairstyles, weapons and animals. I always wondered how Game of Thrones and Skyrim would match up together and now we know," says UpIsNotJump in the video's description. "I have managed to recreate pretty much every character from the show, although the trailer mostly focuses on Ned Stark (and Little Finger oddly). Some of these beloved Game of Thrones characters look a bit odd when recreated in Skyrim because when you create their features accurately (Cersei’s eyes and mouth for example) they started clipping, that’s why I had to make her not look like her. It was very annoying."