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Blizzard Job Listings Indicate Unannounced First-Person Shooter Project

Two new job listings have appeared on Blizzard Entertainment's Careers site, looking for new Lead Software Engineers for both an Engine and Tools. You may be thinking "so what? You generally need those for game development," but these listings are significant because they are for an unannounced first-person shooter project. Blizzard is looking for two new hires to "work on a robust first-person engine." Said hires should have "a vision for how a scalable, performant and technically excellent engine should be built."

Given that the engine is planned to be a scalable first-person shooter engine, the optimist in me really wants to posit the idea that Blizzard is resurrecting Titan following the success of Overwatch. That being said, the realist in me knows that that simply isn't likely.

What do you think Blizzard is working on?