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You Can Still Support Dual Universe Through Their Own Crowdfunding Portal

After a successful Kickstarter campaign Dual Universe is giving more people a chance to hand over cash through their very own crowdfunding portal. The next stretch goal is €650,000—having raised €565,000 through KS.

Before anyone calls shenanigans—due to some other crowdfunded projects—I want to point out that the stretch goals are just stretch goals; they're not necessary to create the game. The crowdfunding site gives more people the chance to back Dual Universe, if they so choose.

I'm cautiously optimistic—a phrase I have to use too often lately—about Dual Universe. The devs have shown off plenty of gameplay and seem to have a clear-cut path to get Dual Universe to release. I wish them the best of luck

Dual Universe has a tentative release date of sometime, 2018.