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MU Online Season XI Part Two Expands Upon The Socket System

WEBZEN announced today that MU Online Season XI Part Two will be going live tomorrow, bringing with it several major Socket system updates. Players will be able to find more socket items for both the Grow Lancer and Rage Fighter, as well as upgrade Seed Spheres to level 10, allowing them to "create a Seed Sphere with Strength, Agility, and Energy stat options."

New normal and rare pentagrams "with special values" will also be introduced. Existing pentagrams and the beginner pentagram will be improved in some way.

Other features being introduced with the update include the ability to zoom in, a new mini-game to play while you are auto-hunting, and the ability to track your Hunting Log in the MU Helper. Additionally, several events, "including Bomb Mini-game Ranking Event, Roulette, Returning Users Free Package Event, and EXP & Ruud Event," will be going live tomorrow in celebration of the launch of the update.

You can find more information about the update on the official website.