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Star Citizen Makes Their Internal Release Schedule Public

In the latest newsletter from the commander, Christ Roberts announced that Star Citizen's internal release schedule will be made public. It should help alleviate some backer concerns. Keep in mind, the internal release schedule is not immbutable. Dates will be adjusted based on progress and can be viewed by visiting the Production Schedule Report webpage.

    Open Development does have its drawbacks. Not everyone understands the process or how difficult it can be. We have always tried to be open and share our progress.

Makes sense.

Star Citizen is also celebrating its 4th anniversary, and running a week-long sale on their catalog of ships; which leads into Roberts' next—perhaps, more interesting—point: the sale of ships.

    If you chose to buy an additional or bigger ship, you are doing this primarily to support the project. The backers that choose to purchase concept ships are helping us add top tier talent to the game, expand our development tools and facilities and give us the time and bandwidth to pursue the kind of pure creativity that continues to make this project so exciting.

Any ship that backers purchase will be available for in-game currency. Backers do get some pats on the back for early splurging: they'll be given a unique starting experience, and a few convenience rewards. But, Roberts is stressing that buying ships doesn't give a moneybags backer a long-term advantage over any other player.