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Zone4 Fight District OBT Begins November 20


Zone4: Fight District, the brawler game from GamenGame, will be launching into open beta on November 20 at 5PM PST. The game will be playable through GamenGame as well as Steam, with the two services sharing a single server.

Zone4 isn't exactly a new game though, as it was first available back in 2010 through OGPlanet, but it shut down in 2013 after failing to reach a large enough audience. This new global version of the game will hopefully do better. Given that the game continously ran in other parts of the world, this new global version should be a big upgrade from the OGPlanet version which shut down back in 2013.

There will be IP blocks in place for users in Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand. The reason for the IP block is that the game is already available in these regions through a local publisher.

For those that never heard of Zone4, it's a brawler game sort of like Rumble Fighter and Lost Saga.