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Mabinogi Duel Gets A PC Client In Korea

Mabinogi Duel launched in the West in November of last year to positive reception. Since then, it has done fairly well for itself, releasing several expansions and maintaining an active playerbase that continues to leave reviews on the Google Play Store regularly. That being said, with the continued porting of mobile card games to PC, such as we saw with Shadowverse this past month, the question remained about whether or not the title would ever see a PC release of its own.

That question was recently answered when the Korean version received a PC client. The PC client weighs in at around 250 MB, or around 1 GB installed, and can be linked to a mobile account that was used to play the Korean version. According to WatchGintama, it is not IP blocked despite the fact that Mabinogi Duel is available in the global market.

A global PC release has not been announced at this time. However, WatchGintama has informed me that you can play the game in English as long as you have a Nexon KR account to log in with.