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Blade And Soul To Get Gunslinger Class, Go Free-To-Play In Korea Next Year

Blade and Soul will become a bit less blade-driven next year, with the release of a new Gunslinger class that may or may not be known as the Soul Gunner. While not much is known as of yet, the new class will be wield dual pistols and be released next year alongside an update that raises the level cap to 60, adds a new continent known as "Surak," introduces new skills for several classes, and more. You can find a teaser trailer for the update embedded below.

Steparu is also reporting that the Korean version of the game will be going free-to-play. They did not provide a date, but 2p is reporting that the move to free-to-play will occur on December 14th.

The Korean version of the game previously required players to pay a subscription of $30 per month after hitting level 16. It is not yet known whether an optional subscription will be available, as is currently offered in the NA/EU version of the game.