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Fiesta Online Gets A Level Cap Increase And New Content This Month


Gamigo announced today that Fiesta Online will be receiving part one of a two-part major expansion called "The Lost Kingdom" later this month. The first part of the expansion will raise the level cap to 135 and add an assortment of new content. The core of the new content is the island of Eya, but there will also be two new instances and several other new zones. Players can expect to find new items, monsters, and quests within the new zones.


Fiesta Online Director Florian Isopp had the following to say about the announcement.


    After long and meticulous effort, we're proud to announce part one of the latest Fiesta Online content update. With a level cap increase and plenty of new content to enjoy, this release marks an important milestone for the game's future.


Hailed as the largest update to Fiesta Online since Gamigo obtained the rights to all Western versions of the game, the first part of The Lost Kingdom expansion will go live later this month. The second part will follow in January 2017 with a second level cap increase in tow.

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