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Galactic Junk League Hitting Steam Early Access In January


If your dream is to cobble bits of space junk together to create flying (and armed) toilets, teddy bears, hot dogs, and other ridiculous things and then using them to blow the crap out of someone else’s bit of space ridiculousness, boy do I ever have good news for you. Come January 17, Pixel Federation’s free-to-play space battle arena game Galactic Junk League will be entering Early Access on Steam.


Galactic Junk League is a build-your-own-ship game — what the developers refer to as a “Crafter Arena.” It allows players to combine high-end tech with abandoned space junk to create massive battle ships. (Imagine something like Robot Wars, but in space.)


The Early Access will feature the most recent updates to the game, including larger matches that will allow battles of up to 8v8. There is also an updated matchmaking system and updates to the crafting portion of the game. The game isn’t listed on Steam just yet but if you’re interesting in learning more about it you can do so on the official site.

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