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ARK: Survival Evolved Lets PS4 Users Onto The ARK Today


At long last, PlayStation 4 users can join in on the fun of playing ARK: Survival Evolved, the premiere survival game in which you must run away from and subsequently try to tame dinosaurs. The game launched on the PlayStation Store earlier today for the price of $54.99. To offset the high cost compared to the Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview versions, Studio Wildcard has included the Scorched Earth DLC pack and "exclusive PS4 content including a Bionic Giga skin plus an entire Manicore armor set for all male and female characters" for the time being.


ARK's PS4 version will benefit from "a higher framerate, smoother animations and stunning visual effects" when played on a PS4 Pro.


As with the other platforms' versions of ARK, the PS4 version will continue to be receive "major" updates until "it releases as a final product in Spring 2017." At that time, a physical version of the game will be released and all versions of ARK: Survival Evolved will be priced at $59.99 with the Scorched Earth DLC available for $19.99.

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