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Allods Online Update 8.0 To Add Eighth Playable Race, The Aeds


When Allods Online Update 8.0 goes live, it will be introducing an entirely new playable race called "the Aeds." Available only as Incarnations, players must have at least one character at level 70 and an available reincarnation in order to create an Aed character. In return for the relatively steep requirements, Aeds have access to some fairly interesting class-specific abilities. Aed Psionicists can trade places with hostile heroes, whereas Aed Scouts can "spring a clever trap" that immobilizes an enemy caught within it and deal damage to them over time.


The Aeds are described as follows.


    rpg games online freeThe strong, lithe bodies of Aeds almost never age, know no sickness, and are impervious to most poisons. Death of their brethren is a rare and shocking occurrence, given it happens very rarely. Although Aeds are not religious, their allying with the League and the Empire will, most likely, bring them around to way of the Trinity Church or the Church of Light. The thought of permanent death is simply too horrible when the option of eternal resurrection is on the table. A zealous believer may still be a one-of-a-kind occurrence amongst the dwellers of Ammrah, but let us not forget bout the zeal these creatures employ in their every pursuit.


It's even more difficult to imagine an army of Aed soldiers. This is a peaceful people, and, in all their history, only a hero named Kyros was found to possess a warrior's talent. Had they a couple of hundreds of such Aeds, they might have been able to withstand any external threat. Their strong bodies know no fatigue, and their razor-sharp minds stay cool and precise even in the most dangerous situations.


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