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Sea Of Thieves Begins Its Technical Alpha On December 16th


Rare's pirate adventuring game Sea of Thieves announced their technical Alpha test is scheduled to begin on December 16th. There will be an NDA, so you wont hear anything from us about it. You'll also have to be a member of Sea of Thieves' insider best rpg to have a chance at participating.


The game places players in the seafaring boots of a pirate where they'll explore a vibrantly colorful world.


The main idea is to form a crew, sail across the ocean, and discover new islands where both mystery and danger lurk—and by danger I mean other players. Inbetween island hopping you'll have to fend off rivals by firing your cannons into their port, and hop from your ship to theirs with your cutlass safely gripped between your teeth.


You can learn more about Sea of Thieves' technical alpha by watching the video below or by heading to the game's site.

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