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Pokémon GO's First Set Of Second Generation Pokémon Are Here


The first set of second generation Pokémon to make it to the alternate reality world of Pokemon GO are here. Included are classic Pokémon like Pichu and Togepi, with "select others" available, but not noted. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see what we find out there.

Additionally, a holiday event begins today and will run until December 29th. During the event, players will have a chance to catch a Pikachu that is wearing a Santa hat.

Are the new Pokémon and the holiday event enough to get you to play Pokémon GO again, even if only for the holidays?

Everyone's favorite holiday event that pokes fun at consumerism, WildStar's Winterfest, will return on December 18th. In keeping with tradition, the event will bring back the supermall in the sky and it will once again be brimming with daily quests that will award players will ColdCash that can then be spent on various in-game items. New items will be available in addition to items that were available in previous years

Winterfest will run from December 18th to January 1st. While all players will be able to take part, those with a Signature subscription will be able to earn additional ColdCash.

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