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Wargaming Joins Forces With Charity To Aid Children In War-Torn Areas


With all the digital wars gamers partake of, it can be hard to remember that war is a very real thing that affects many people every day. Despite its gaming focus, Wargaming is one company that’s well aware of the real cost of war throughout the world and is doing its part this holiday season to help war’s most vulnerable victims.


Until Jan. 2, you pay 800 Gold to purchase a “For the Children” bundle for World of Tanks on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The bundle includes crew and experience boosts, along with large and small first aid kits. You can buy bundles multiple times, and all proceeds will be directly donated to War Child, a UK-based charity with the stated goal to “protect, educate, and stand up for the rights of children in war.”free to play mmorpg games

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