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Guild Wars 2 Wintersday Festival And Season 5 PvP Leagues Now Live


Nothing spreads the holiday cheer quite like smacking someone else in the face with a two-handed sword, right? That might be the thought process behind today’s Guild Wars 2 update, which brings Wintersday back to Tyria, in addition to providing PvPers with a new season and a slew of changes to their favorite activity.


We reported on the PvP changes last week, which include better matchmaking, new skill measurement, and a new rewards system. You can get the fuller details from the dev blog on the GW2 site. free to play mmo games


Also included in today’s patch is the 2016 iteration of the Wintersday festival, GW2’s annual Yuletime activity festival. It runs until Jan. 10 and includes all the usual activities, as well as a chance to earn “fanciful new holiday weapons.” Ooh, fancy!


You can view the full patch notes on today’s update here.

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