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2D Browser game:Pockie Kingdom

Pockie Kingdom is a free-to-play browser-based 2D strategy game. Jump into a medieval themed world where you must build up your kingdom in order to protect the lands from evil gods. Pockie Kingdom revolves around recruiting heroes and soldiers in order to strengthen your forces. Build up your army with the tanking Swordsman, fast Cavaliers, area of effect Mages, offensive Giant Maceman, and deadly Assassins.

Once in battle, you must summon the right type of soldiers to counter enemy units in a rock-paper-scissors style of gameplay. A winner will be proclaimed once an army pushes past a hero’s soldiers and defeats the hero himself.

Gaining experience through PVE dungeons, Babel, and Territory Wars allows you to add to your army of heroes and units. Engage in PVP modes like Sky Arena or 1v1 Ladder Arenas and accumulate honor. You are also in full control of your kingdom where you can recruit new heroes and units, craft new items, train your forces, and trade with other players. Build up your army to defeat the forces of evil and show everyone who the strongest leader is!

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