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Epic Games Boasts Of Impressive Numbers Since Paragon’s Monolith Update Went Live


The new Monolith update for Epic Games’ Paragon seems to be bringing in the bodies. In an interview with Polygon, Executive Producer John Wasilczyk dropped several stats indicating the MOBA’s greater acceptance among its player base since the update went live on Dec. 


According to the article writer, post-Monolith matches are “more competitive” and deliver “a lot more nail-biting moments.” We’ve also heard some not-as-shining comments about the update. In particular, match length is still an issue for some players; when you get right down to it, a 7% decrease is only about two minutes off a 30-minute match.


To his credit, Wasilczyk realizes the games still has its shortcomings and admits that there’s still “a lot of work ahead.” What do you think of the changes to Paragon, and what else should Epic change about the game?

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