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Poignancy, puzzles and Pokémon: The best games of 2016

The Witness is what happens when a book of mazes is torn up and scattered around the island from Lost. It definitely won't be everybody's cup of tea, but it is as relaxing and stimulating as one.

A series of screens is littered throughout one of the most beautiful virtual environments we've ever had the pleasure of strolling around, and on each screen is a maze. Players simply drag a bar of light from the beginning to the end, with success usually activating another nearby screen with a new maze. Repeat ad nauseam.

It sounds simple, but the difficulty ramps up quickly. Initially meaningless, you'll eventually work out what different symbols represent and how they impact the mazes, as well as what clues can be pulled from the environment. If a particular puzzle has you stumped, the open-world design lets you walk away and try your luck in another area – more often than not, you just haven't been taught how to solve that particular puzzle yet.

On top of that sits another layer of mystery that we don't want to spoil, but unravelling that thread some 40 hours in is responsible for the most profound "Aha!" moment we've had in a game all year.

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