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The Biggest Video Game Disappointments Of 2016

If 2016 taught us anything at all, it was that sometimes, things don’t go your way. For every lovely surprise, there is a major disappointment around the corner.

We’ve already recounted the best surprises of the year, so it’s time to let our bitterness reign. As in past years, I’ve polled our entire staff and collected the biggest disappointments of the year here for your reading enjoyment.

This is a perennial thing, but it was as bad in 2016 as it’s been any other year. Too many PC games were released with sub-par optimization and other performance issues, from the less egregious jankiness of XCOM 2 and Hitman to the woeful launch state of No Man’s Sky, Mafia 3 and Dishonored 2. Each game had us wasting untold hours on the bizarre rituals we perform while impatiently waiting for patches, and we’ll never get those hours back. There were some smooth PC launches this year, including Doom and Battlefield 1, but it’s still a bummer every time it happens. Dear video game publishers: It’s okay if you delay your PC versions by a few weeks to help make them run properly out of the gate. We’re good with it.
PS4 Pro isn’t exactly the upgrade we’d hoped for.

Look, Sony. All we wanted was Bloodborne at 60fps. In fact, you know what? We would’ve been happy with a version of Bloodborne that ran at a smooth 30fps with no frame-pacing issues. But Bloodborne didn’t get a Pro patch at all. Instead we got a few games like Rise of the Tomb Raider running at higher frame rates, a fair number of recent games running at higher resolutions, and a few of those games actually running a little bit worse than they would at 1080p on a standard PS4. Future games will doubtless benefit from the new hardware, but we were hoping for more Pro improvements for existing PS4 games.

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