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TERA’s Holiday Event Has Snowball Fights And Gift-Giving


If you’re already enjoying the TERA end-of-year holiday event, Wintera Snowfield, good for you! Even though the event’s been going on since Dec. 7, we just got the press release today. Fortunately, there’s still plenty of time to jump into the action until it all melts away on Jan. 3.

For PvP fans, the winning team in a battleground will earn a special Wintera Ice Box which comes with a random item. You can also earn achievements by winning snowball fights in Wintera Snowfield. Full details on the festival’s prizes can be found here.

If you’re more into giving — as in giving En Masse money — than receiving, you can invest in Golden Gift Boxes again this year. You can open the boxes yourself or send them to a friend, which also nets you goodies based on how many Gift Boxes you’ve sent. So fine, there is some kind of “charitable” giving involved as well. You can purchase Golden Gift Boxes until Jan. 5 and open them until Jan. 12.

Just make sure to dress appropriately for the weather; given TERA’s armor designs, we don’t want anyone catching frostbite

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