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Elysium Couldn't Catch A Break: 6 Simultaneous DDoS Attacks This Past Weekend


Not only were some trolls messing with the servers but the Nostalrius reboot proved enormously popular, with huge queue times. Due to the influx of players the PvP server is temporarily capped at 9.5k. Seems more people want to play vanilla than Elysium estimated. 

The project is also still negotiating hardware issues, which extend to the private server's website.

Elysium's fresh start servers have yet to launch, but will do so early in 2017 which is when I'll be hopping into the game. For now, former Nostalrius players can reactivate their old accounts and relive the dream.

If you've been following the development of Hero's Song, you're likely aware that there hasn't been an update in just over two weeks. There also hasn't been any mention of why there hasn't been an update. That changed today when Pixelmage Games CEO John Smedley made the following announcement on r/Herossong earlier today.

While the extent of the company's financial issues has not been disclosed, it is clear that Pixelmage Games is indeed having financial issues. You may remember that the company announced that it had raised $2.8 million from private investors at the start of its IndieGoGo campaign, which raised another $94,156. That level of funding got the game to the barebones state that the Early Access version is in now, but it seems that more funding will be necessary in order for the game to reach a release state.

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