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NES Classics are back in stock at GameStop stores

Not to put any more pressure on you during the stressful holiday season, but you’re running out of time to find that NES Classic Edition that you want to give as gift this Christmas.

GameStop, the largest gaming-focused retailer in the U.S., wants to give you one more opportunity to find one before Santa takes flight. The company expects to get one more shipment of the NES Classic Edition (review) into stores today and tomorrow. If you still need to buy one of these $60 8-bit retro systems, which features 30 NES games in a miniaturized version of the original Nintendo console, you should call up your local GameStop to see if they have any. The company noted that it’s not planning to put any up online on its website, so you’ll have to go to the store.

NES Classic debuted November 11, and it sold out almost instantly. Since then, consumers have struggled to find the system online or at brick-and-mortar retail. Last month, Nintendo sold 196,000 NES Classic Editions in the United States alone, according to industry-tracking firm The NPD Group. That’s not bad for a system that is, essentially, 30 years old.

Nintendo has clearly tried to get as many NES Classics out as possible since launch, but it still hasn’t met demand. On Tuesday, Best Buy got in a shipment of NES Classics, and its locations around the country had lines out the door of people trying to grab the device.

But even with the system in short supply, Nintendo is likely happy with the NES Classic’s performance. It’s nostalgic gamers that may end up without a retro-gaming holiday that are feeling bummed.

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