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Neverwinter’s Sea of Moving Ice Heading To Consoles Jan. 17


As if you won’t be cold enough in January, Neverwinter has something on tap to make you feel even colder.


Players on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will get to check out the Sea of Moving Ice when the update for the Storm King’s Thunder expansion goes live on Jan. 17. The update includes a huge new adventure zone, nautical travel, new artifact weaponry, treasure hunting, and a climactic battle against the frost giants in their frigid stronghold.


Oh, there’s also an advanced fishing mini-game included in the update as well. I mean, sure, the frost giants are threatening to bring about the icy apocalypse, but the fish are biting. Priorities, man!

New Private Server Effort Aims To Bring TalesWeaver To The West

TalesWeaver has been online in Korea for 13 years now—its Chinese and Japanese releases have been around for significantly less time—but, in all that time, the game has never seen a Western release. However, one individual is aiming to change that with the release of TWPrivate, a TalesWeaver private server that is currently in development.


While it's still early days for TWPrivate, the goal is to create a functional English private server based on version 4.04 of the Japanese release. The server owner is the one that is translating the game into English, so progress is slow, but it is happening. Rates are "10x Exp and 15x Drops" at present, so take note in case that's a deal-breaker for you.


You can find more information about TWPrivate on r/talesweaver.


Are you planning to try out TWPrivate?

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