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Best Oculus Rift games for play


So you’re a lucky person who found an Oculus Rift under the Christmas tree, and you’re overwhelmed by the number of games and experiences available on the store? You’re not alone, and we have you covered.

Dreamdeck is a series of 10 passive experiences where the player only has to look around and enjoy the sense of being in virtual reality. It’s designed as a standing experience — so don’t be afraid to get up out of your chair — and there are plenty of “wow” moments that make this the perfect way to introduce friends and family to virtual reality ... not to mention to aliens, dinosaurs, and some very high buildings.

There’s a reason 94 percent of reviewers on Oculus Home gave this four or five stars, and why so many VR enthusiasts return to it again and again to show off their hardware. You also can’t beat the price.

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