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First-person survival RPG launches on Steam with Oculus Rift


It’s only been available for a day, but The Solus Project is already rocking some pretty positive reviews on Steam; and for good reason too, because the game mixes exploration and adventure with survival elements to create an atmospheric and tense experience.

Only the first three levels of the game are currently available, with the rest planned to be released with an episodic approach over the coming months, but what’s playable right now is polished and as near to finished as you’re going to get. With approximately 2 hours of gameplay on offer, The Solus Project sees players stranded on an alien planet with only their wits and items scattered around the landscape to survive. Expect to gather and combine items to make progress through the game, all the while helped by a hand-help computer which scans items and the environment to help you survive.

At the time of writing Oculus Rift support is rudimentary, and the game requires a hefty system to run smoothly , but with it’s Unreal Engine 4-powered graphics you can expect some beautiful graphics and scenery to admire. There are some pretty neat environmental features included too, such as a day and night cycle, dynamic weather, ocean tides and even earthquakes, all of which should keep the player on their toes as they explore the vivid alien landscapes.

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