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Download 2.6 M
Requires Windows 7 or later


1. Download and install GTarcade Desktop.

2. Log in to the game, find the 'GTarcade' button in the top right corner, then click it to claim your rewards.

3. The rewards can only be claimed on GTarcade Desktop.

4. The rewards can only be claimed once per account.

5. Some restrictions may apply.

  • GTarcade Exclusive Rewards
    Simply log into the game with GTarcade desktop and you'll find exclusive in-game rewards waiting for you. Get a head start in your game before others do!
  • Revolutionary 3D Online Action RPG
    League of Angels – Heaven's Fury is a revolutionary 3D online action RPG that takes place in a fantastical world loosely based on Western mythology. It is up to the players to gather the legendary Angels and reclaim the heavens.
  • Smooth Gaming Experience
    GTarcade desktop is designed to ensure players can always enjoy a smooth gaming experience playing League of Angels – Heaven's Fury. Immerse yourself in an effortless gaming experience!
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