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Play Era of Celestials on PC

Download 2.6M
Requires Windows 7 or later

  • Grade S Merc Vouchers x10
  • 2.5x EXP Potion x1
  • Rubies x800
Play Era of Celestials on PC to Unlock Extra Rewards!

Better View

Bigger screen for a better view


Free from low battery and insufficient storage

Easy Control

Easy control with mouse and keyboard

GTarcade Exclusive Rewards

Simply log into the game with GTarcade desktop and you'll find exclusive in-game rewards waiting for you. Get a head start in your game before others do!

Collect Points and Exchange Gifts

Playing games and recharging G Coins will yield you Points, which can then be used to exchange gift packs in GTarcade Points Store. The more you play, the more you get!

Smooth Gaming Experience

GTarcade Desktop is designed to ensure players can always enjoy a smooth gaming experience playing their favorite Era of Celestials on PC. Immerse yourself in a hassle-free gaming experience!

Era of Celestials

GenreRole Playing

Era of Celestials is the best multiplayer action RPG game with stunning visuals and immersive battle experience designed primarily for mobile. Discover the divine power of the Celestials as you embark on an epic adventure through a vast world of fantasy. Level up, hunt Bosses, collect Sprites, equip dazzling Wings, and so much more!

Redeem Code

*Only for PC players to redeem on GTarcade Desktop
How to redeem the code?
1. Download GTarcade Desktop
2. Find Era of Celestials in All Games
3. Enter the game and go to Bonus > Other Rewards
4. Enter your code and receive your items
Click to install