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  • Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Announced at Gamescom 2018
    Yoozoo Games, a leading Chinese game developer and publisher, announced today that Game of Thrones Winter is Coming, a browser game officially licensed by Warner Bros.
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  • The Empress of Ice – Isolde
    Isolde, also known as the Empress of Ice, founded the Frost Kingdom and dies at the hand of Luin Amakiir, the king of elves.
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  • League of Angels Celebrates Fifth Anniversary
    It is traditional to celebrate a fifth anniversary with wood but, for gamers wed to League of Angels, a carefully-crafted fruit bowl or ornate door stop won’t be necessary; because the world of angels, demons, and dragons is coming to players around the world with some very special events from the 8th to 26th of December, each offering the chance to acquire special currency which can be converted to win prizes.
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  • Wear New Suit Winter Angel and Dance in the Snow!
    In winter, the weather in the Sapphire can ice people's breath. A suit of costume which is both warm and beautiful shows up in League of Angels II. New suit Winter Angel is designed in the colors of snow white and ice blue, which perfectly presents the beauty of winter. Winter Angel will be available in Angel's Fortune event from Dec. 12th to Dec. 14th. Wear your new suit and dance in the snow.
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  • 1 Point Day Available in Points Store
    1 Point Day (Dec. 11th) is coming again! This time, the gift packs are limited. Seize the chance to get the real offer with only 1 G Point!
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    December 6th 2018: League of Angels: Origins, a brand new massively multiplayer role-playing game in the award-winning League of Angels franchise has topped one million registrations as launch approaches. Featuring high-quality graphics, complex and multi-layered storylines, large-scale PvP and PvE — and incredible, unique sky battles.
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  • Empower Your Divine Arma to Unlock New Skills!
    Unleash the power of the Divine Armas! Mystic Domain V, VI and VII are now open in League of Angels III’s update V3.12.0 and a new feature Arma Aid will unlock at level 100. Three Divine Armas, Ray of Lugh, Glacia, and Ode of Yesterday will gain extra skills after being empowered to a certain level. Take a look below for more details.
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    December 4th, 2018: Rangers of Oblivion is now open for pre-registration in the run-up to launch, as YooZoo Games prepares to release for Android and iOS in early 2019. In Rangers of Oblivion, players enter an incredible 3D fantasy RPG as they team up with friends or go at it alone to explore Malheim, a vast sprawling world full of the Monsters that inspire the darkest stories and the greatest of heroes.
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  • 3 Minutes to Retrieve Your FB Character on GTarcade Desktop
    Do you wish to play on GTarcade Desktop with your existing FB account? Did you meet any problem when binding your FB account to GTarcade account? Did you find it unable to sync the game with your FB account?
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  • The Imposing Parade Turkey Debuts in Wheel of Fortune!
    Salutations warriors! League of Angels III is excited to introduce a new mount – Parade Turkey. As a creature most sacred to the people on the Grace Continent, Parade Turkey will grant a sharp increase in the battle rating, not to mention his enviable feathers and imposing appearance. From November 28th to November 30th, the legendary mount will be available in Wheel of Fortune where all players will have a chance to obtain his sigil (for both permanently and 10 days). Tak...
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