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  • Get New Heal Mythic Companion - Arctic Spirit
    New Mythic Heal Companion Arctic Spirit is coming! Get the Arctic Spirit will increase your 37K BR! This new Companion Arctic Spirit will be available in Egg Cracker Event from 18 February to 20 February. All players have a great chance to unlock Arctic Spirit.
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  • Heaven's Fury Points Store Available Now!
    Heaven's Fury Points Store has been opened. The first bunch of items has been available. From now on, players can exchange for them in the Points Store with G points earned on GTarcade Desktop.
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  • Official Release of League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury Is On
    Breaking News: The Official Release of League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury is released on 13 February. At the same time, we opened the Server 4 – Raphael - EST. In the future, we will open more servers for different continents, such as Asia and Europe. Excitingly, the Asian server will open in about a week.
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  • The New Mythic Mount – Amora’s Gift has arrived
    The New Mythic Mount – Amora’s Gift has arrived; it can be obtained by participating in the X-Server Roulette from 14 February to 16 February.
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  • The New Mythic Mount – Dhyana has arrived
    The New Mythic Mount – Dhyana has arrived; it can be obtained by participating in the X-Server Roulette from 27 January to 29 January.
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  • Join the Lunar Festival at LoA III
    The Lunar Festival is coming! Let’s celebrate the New Year of the Chinese lunar calendar in game! From 23 January to 27 January, all players have the chance to obtain the fantastic new outfit – Lunar Revelry. Join the party and unlock this gorgeous Outfits.
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  • The Artifact Hero – Thea, Light of All Angels
    The First Artifact Hero is coming! She can purify darkness by using her power, she is light of all angels – Thea! Thea is an Artifact Healer hero, she can heal your team and revive allies! You have the chance to unlock the first Artifact Hero from 5 January to 8 January.
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  • New ATK & SUP Artifact Divine Arma – Dragontooth
    New ATK & SUP Artifact Divine Arma – Dragontooth is coming at Angel’s Fortune from 30 December to 1 January. This is a powerful Artifact Divine Arma that provides AOE damage and reduce enemies DEF.
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  • Merry Christmas | Biggest Bonus Points of the Year on GTarcade Desktop
    Sleigh bells ringing, reindeer prancing, and cards for giving this Christmas! Design with our card maker, save or share to your friend on GTarcade Desktop app.
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  • Join the Christmas Party at LoA III
    Christmas costume, Sleigh and Reindeer, the festival’s started! All players of League of Angels III are welcomed to participate in the annual winter festival of Grace Continent held by the gracious angels throughout December. From 25 December to 29 December, dress up new Outfit – Alf of Stars, drive a sleigh and put on the Christmas hat. During the Christmas Party, the elite dungeon will randomly drop Small Gift Box. Collect them to exchange abundant rewards in the shop. l...
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