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A New Battle Pet Hatches

The Silver Dragon Princess Lydia was just blessed with the ability to evolve into Mythic, and to celebrate, she invited dragons from all over the land to participate in a grand party to share the joy! Even the young Dragonite has come from afar carrying a shining chest on his way to congratulate Princess Lydia!  

Don’t be fooled by Dragonite’s adorable appearance with his egg shell, he possesses great magical power as a dragon of royal blood! His skill Coin Barrage deals impressive damage to all enemy targets with a chance to Silence, preventing them from using skills!

▶Pet Skills:

Coin Barrage (Lv. 1): Deal (182%+60) DMG to all enemy targets (the less targets hit, the more damage this attack will do) with 25% chance to Silence targets for 1 turn (silenced targets cannot use skills)

Jewel Storm (Lv. 1): Deal (146%+50) DMG to all enemy targets

So how can you get your own cute Dragonite? The answer lies in the Dragon Scales and Dragon Fangs scattered throughout Sapphire! Collect these items for the dragons and they will reward you handsomely! Warriors must collect these items on Jan. 13 and 14 for the opportunity to earn Dragonite! Stay tuned for more exciting news regarding League of Angels II!

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