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LoD Celebrates Brazil’s Carnival!


Legacy of Discord invites everyone to join the world’s biggest party – Carnaval de Rio Janeiro! So practice your Samba, enjoy the dazzling sights and sounds, and check out all the rewards you can grab in LoD!


Simply log into the game from Feb. 26th to Mar. 4th to claim your Carnival rewards! Different rewards will be given out each day, so don’t miss even a day! The Carnival rewards include:
Day 1: Gold + Stamina
Day 2: Pet Voucher + Pet Stone
Day 3: Dragonshard + Gold
Day 4: Reforge Stone + Advance Essence
Day 5: Wrathwing Voucher + Raging Soul
Day 6: Diamonds + Enchanting Stone + Wild Soul
Day 7: Diamonds + Lvl.1 Gem Chest + Aug.Stone

Note: The Carnival Special Login event will only be available from Feb. 26th to Mar. 4th on older servers. New servers (those that opened within 14 days) will have to wait a bit before seeing this kind of event.

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