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Artifact Hero Thea the Radiant Arrives!


League of Angels II is excited to introduce a new Artifact Hero, Thea the Radiant! Thea was one of the great Masters of the Light among the Angels, and was once on the path to becoming the next Angel of Light before she conceded. Afterwards, she secluded herself in her temple to discover her own path of the Light. Did she find her way, and what of her relic the Guardian Wings? More details will be unveiled in the in-game event Angel Mysteries. For now, let’s preview Thea’s amazing skills!

With the Guardian Wings, one of the divine relics of the Angels, Thea plays a critical role among the Angels and possesses the power to alter the fate of her race. Thea can deal massive damage to the enemy and reduce their defenses. When she attacks, she can enchant her weapon to increase her combat capabilities even further. What’s more, she is immune to debuffs like Rage steal and control effects, making her strong against those type of enemies.


Hero Skills

Blade Art: Cross Cutter: Deal 492%+18350 DMG to the enemy with the lowest HP and 75% of that DMG to targets around them; reduce DEF of all targets by 10% for 2 turns (this effect can stack up to 3 times and cannot be dispelled). (Max Level)

Mystic Art: Twin Strike: Deal 368%+13720 DMG to the 2 enemies with the lowest HP and reduce their DEF by 5% for 2 turns (this effect can stack up to 5 times and cannot be dispelled). This skill replaces Thea’s basic attack. (Max Level)

Soul Art: Mind's Eye: Each time Thea attacks, she Enchants her weapon to increase her combat capabilities:

1. Each Enchant causes Thea's attacks to deal an additional 10% of ATK as True Damage (ignores target's DEF).

2. She can enchant her weapon up to 5 times.

3. Enchant effects last until the end of battle and cannot be dispelled.

5. Bonus damage from enchant effects is added before other skill damage modifiers are calculated.

Guardian Wing (Prototype): Thea is immune to Rage steal and reduction effects; Thea is immune to control effects; Increase DEF of allies by 30% of Thea's own DEF (P.Def and M.Def are calculated individually). 


The Artifact Hero Thea will be available in exciting upcoming events in League of Angels II. Stay tuned for more news and content on the LoA2 official website, fanpage and in-game!