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New Transform Boss Ravager Descend!


Legacy of Discord welcomes a new transform boss - Ravager! This legendary boss belongs to the Nature Faction with a set of new exclusive skills. Take a sneak peek now!

Faction Skill: Reflect damage from Metamorph melee attacks, dealing X% of attacker's current HP as DMG.

Exclusive Skill: Deal X% ATK DMG to nearby players, and reduce their movement speed by X% and Def by X%, targets also take damage equal to X% of their current max HP each second, lasts Xs.

Shared Skill: Within Xs, increase own ATK by X% for Xs each time you kill another player, this effect can stack.

How to Get Fragments: Buy now to get Fragments in the Surprise Shop at a discount.


More fun is on the way. Legacy of Discord just climbed over the first mountain, and the passion for joy will drive the game forward to the next milestone, bringing high-quality, novel entertainment to the world.


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