New Update with Last Guardian Optimization


Legacy of Discord’s newest update introduces tons of new features: Last Guardian optimization adding Daily Rankings , adjusting into cross-server mode and newly LoD customized chat stickers. Let’s see check out the details of this update.

Update Content:

New Function
Cultivation Reforge Extract
Social Newly added customized LoD chat stickers

Social Added voice translator that can convert voice into words in different languages
Cultivation Added 2 more Pets can be awakened: Warelk, Loivissa
Cultivation Added 2 more Wrathwings can be amplified: Hades, Imperius(Added Astral Scroll to amplify)

Arena Last Guardian:

1) Added Daily Rankings

2) Adjusted the event mode to cross-server

3) Changed Morph Potion function mode to one-time transforming
Social Celebration Party: Added a mini game to give rewards
Event Surprise Shop: Added time display
System SkyWing Challenge: Optimized display

iPhone X Optimized for the new iPhone X


Update Time:

01:00-04:00 December 5th EST
14:00-17:00 December 5th HKT
07:00-10:00 December 5th EU


Additional Information:

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