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Class Promotion: Transcend Beyond


A brand new system called Class Promotion is coming to LoD. Ready to farewell to the routine and forge your own miraculous class with new exclusive skills? Not even for a moment has the battle fire ceased in Legacy of Discord. Let's take a sneak peek!


How To Unlock: Players over level 80 could find entrance into the Class Promotion system under the tablet button while you need to achieve a certain conditions like reaching level 85, completing many tasks and consuming a set numbers of materials to make your character promoted.


What can you get after your character promoted: Players are able to upgrade their character in the Class Promotion System. More you upgrade,more powerful your character will be and get extra bonus rewards. What’s more? There will be 3 appearance effect would catch your eyes:

- Different name title in different levels.

- Excellent head picture frame.

- Foot halo effect will be shown when fighting.

- New Exclusive Skills

Skills: The long-waited new exclusive skills for all three classes finally has come! Different levels of skills shown in different colors with actions and you can choose the one you like to use on your battles.


Additional Information:

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