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Superstar Wanted for Gtarcade Streaming Platform


Win Up To $10,000 Signing Bonus  

Please fill out the application form:

For Legacy of Discord players, please click https://goo.gl/PtqBzo

For League of Angels - Paradise Land players, please click https://goo.gl/JfaFZ9

Gtarcade will release a global live stream community to provide the audience with diverse types of streams ranging from games, beauty talent shows, out-door activities to whatever you are good at. This platform is planned to come online on March of 2018. Right now we are recruiting live streamers from the playerbase, which leaves the best opportunity of becoming streamers or even live stream stars to our own players.

Gtarcade’s Live Stream Community

Gtarcade’s Live Stream community is a self-developed streaming platform for the audience to watch excellent live streams, such as games, live events, beauty talent shows, out-door activities and more... all LIVE SHOWS! Streamers can open the streaming platform from this soon to be released mini client game interface, and will receive salary in form of Game Currency as well as gifts from the audience, which can be exchanged into dollars!

Win Up To $10,000 Signing Bonus

Top 3 out of the 100 streamers from the playerbase will be signed on as Gtarcade streamer and split $10,000 signing bonus. Top 3 streamers will be selected by their performance during the first month. Details of the selection rules will be released soon.

Anyone Can Become a Live Stream Star

Gtarcade players who are interested in live streaming are encouraged to come and give it a try! We'll choose 100 players to join us and provide you with various promotions, professional guidance, and great rewards! Apply now. We are here to make you the next big Live Stream Star!