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This Week's Points Store Discounts Info of LoA II

A large number of discounted Points Store products are now available. Go check them out in the Points Store! For those who haven't downloaded the Mini Client, go download it now and to exchange for the products!

Click on the link to download GTarcade Mini Client now!>>http://www.gtarcade.com/en/micro/download?game_id=160

>>Discounted products of LoA II's Second Anniversary will no longer be available starting Apr 30, 2018
Second Anniversary Dbl Resource Pack. Gift pack contains the double of the following: Bless Stone Pack*10 + Mastery Stone Pack*10 + Anima Pack*10
Price: 200 Points (Value: 2000 Points)

Second Anniversary Dbl Resource Chest. Chest contains the double of the following: Divine Resource Gift Pack + Mount Resource Gift Pack + Pet Resource Gift Pack
Price: 2000 Points (Value: 6000 Points)

>>LoA II's Limited-Time Gift Pack for this week will no longer be available starting Apr 30, 2018
Week Limited Gift Pack. Gift pack contains Amethyst*20 + Astral Ingot*20

Price: 1000 Points (Value: 2000 Points)

Mount: Vermilion Hawk. contains a Vermilion Hawk sigil which can be activated in the game to receive the red-quality mount
Price: 6000 Points (Value: 20000 Points)

>>April Gift Pack will no longer be available starting Apr 30, 2018
LoA II April Limited Gift Pack. Gift pack contains Bless Stone Pack*10 + Mastery Stone Pack*10 + Anima Pack*10 + Ritual Token*5
Price: 450 Points (Value: 2000 Points)

>>Live Stream Discounted Gift Pack will no longer be available starting Apr 30, 2018
Live Feedback Gift Pack. Gift pack contains Lollipop*10 + Gift Box*5 + Sports Car*1
Price: 5000 Points (Value: 10000 Points)

Live Deluxe Gift Pack. Gift pack contains Box of Popcorn*10 + Motorcycle*2 + Yacht*1
Price 20000 Points (Value: 28000 Points)

How to obtain Points? There are two methods.

Method 1: Play games on  GTarcade Mini Client.
You can claim Points reward by accumulating gametime in your game window. When you are done with your spectacular gaming adventures, don't forget to claim your extra Points reward!
Rule: Game for an hour to receive 20 Points. Daily max is 40 Points.

Method 2: Recharge G Coins

When you recharge G Coins, you can obtain Points. For every USD 1 recharged, you will receive 100 Points.

How to exchange for Points Gifts?

Click the button "Points Store" on the left sidebar of the Mini Client to enter the Points Store and exchange for products. Please double check your server and character name.
When you have exchanged for a product, please log on to your selected game character after 10 minutes to retrieve it from your mailbox.

GTarcade is constantly striving to make our mini client better for our users. 

Lastly, if you have any suggestions or advice, do not hesitate to give feedback to our customer support and forum. We look forward to hearing from each and every one of you. Enjoy your gaming!

Official Site: http://loa2.gtarcade.com
GTarcade Mini Client: http://www.gtarcade.com/en/micro/download?game_id=160