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League of Angels: Compete for New Angel Protea in Resource Tycoon!


With the finals in Russia just a few days away, the award-winning MMORPG League of Angels is excited to introduce a new angel Protea this summer! Quiet and contemplative, the violet dress suggests her mysterious past and the intrigue of what lies ahead. What will she bring to us this special June? Come and learn more about angel Protea! 




The scattering of feathers in the air and the plume on the head of Protea are proof that this angel can’t be belittled. Protea’s skill is called “Flightless Arrow”, by which she will cast immense magic damage to all enemies and greatly increase own party’s ATK, Agility and DEF with a 100% chance of hitting! These arrows will help protect the angels’ land from invasion.


Can’t wait to invite the angel of spring to join your squad? You will find Protea in Single-server Resource Tycoon from June 10th to June 15th! Play League of Angels now and get ready for the 2018 FIFA World Cup!