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How to Get G Points on GTarcade Desktop and how to use them?

What is G Point?
G Point is an exclusive currency launched by the GTarcade Desktop. You can earn and use it on GTarcade Desktop.
How to get G Points? 
Method 1: Play games on the GTarcade Desktop.

You can claim Point rewards by accumulating game time in your game window. When you are done with your spectacular gaming adventures, don't forget to claim your extra Point rewards!
Rule: Playing games for an hour can claim 20 points. Daily max is 40 Points.

Method 2: Recharge G Coins

When you recharge G Coins, you can obtain Points. For every USD 1 recharged, you will receive 100 Points.

Still wondering how to use G Points?
First, participate in events on GTarcade Desktop to earn G Points and other rewards. So, follow the latest news on the application.
Second, G Points can be exchanged for Points Gifts.
Click the button 'Points Store' on the left sidebar of the Desktop to enter the Points Store and exchange for the products you need. Please double check your server and character name.

When you have exchanged for a product, please log in your selected game character 10 minutes later to retrieve it from your mailbox.

More ways to get G Points and a wider range of products in the store will be available, so stay tuned!