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Does Speed+ Actually Work? Try LoA III on GTarcade Desktop

Many players may have known this exclusive feature of GTarcade Desktop - Speed+, but does Speed+ really work for League of Angels III? To answer this question, we have made a short video by comparing browser with the desktop client. Warriors, let’s see how it works!

Speed+ is an exclusive feature on GTarcade desktop specially designed for LoA series players, making your game running noticeably faster!
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Here are some of distinguishing features that come with the Speed+ on GTarcade desktop:
√ Suitable for LoA series;
√ Speed up moving speed, battling, auto-questing;
√ Shorten your loading and scene-switching time;
√ Easy to use: enable/disable the function by clicking “Speed+” button in the game window;
√ Every game window can be boosted;
√ Stable and secure;
√ Permanently free for LoA series players.

More about GTarcade Desktop:
1.    Quick fix your game problems
2.    Exclusive game rewards every week 
3.    Remember all your custom settings
4.    Connect with other players in the community

We appreciate your feedback and will use it to evaluate changes and make improvements in our products.
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