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Play Era of Celestials on PC to Unlock Extra Rewards!

Era of Celestials is now ready to take on the rest of the world as a part of the growing trend of MMOARPGs that are building in popularity. In the game, you will become humanity’s last hope as a champion chosen by the Celestials themselves. You need to defend Celestial City from the encroaching invasion and embark on the Path of the Vanquisher to gain both power and prestige. 

Now, you’re able to enjoy this superb game on PC. 

(Download now:https://www.gtarcade.com/micro/download/era-of-celestials)

√  Bigger screen and longer duration, 
√  Free from low battery, message interruption, and insufficient storage
√  Easier control with mouse and keyboard 
√  Multiple games to play at the same time
√  Claim valuable rewards and activate exclusive titles

With GTarcade Desktop, the official client of Era of Celestials, you can enjoy the fantasy world on PC now. 

We have also prepared exclusive and valuable rewards for PC players. Log in the game on GTarcade Desktop and claim the ample rewards! Let's see what we can get. (Make sure your level is above 120)

What is GTarcade Desktop?
GTarcade Desktop was specially designed to ensure players can always enjoy a smooth gaming experience playing their favorite GTarcade browser games and now, mobile games as well. GTarcade has its own reward program through the 2 available currencies: G Points and G Coins. Playing through the client can also bring additional rewards to players in the form of one of the currencies. The client currently supports a total of 14 languages in over 230 different countries and regions where players can play a range of games from the browser series League of Angels to the mobile game Era of Celestials.

Downloading GTarcade Desktop right now to get valuable rewards!

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